Experience an emotion at the table

Contemporary Dining Experience

Pair Italian and international wines with dishes by the Executive Chef, Giuseppe Tarantino, and enjoy a moment of pure pleasure at the dinner table, on a journey of discovery through the flavours of the Mediterranean. Relais Bellaria’s Ristorante Corbezzoli is open to everyone and was mentioned in the online version of the MICHELIN Guide. Its cooking is a real journey through Italian cuisine with a contemporary twist.

A unique location


Mon-Fri: 12,30 - 14,30 e 19,30 - 22,30
Close Sunday

The atmosphere is in the details

For us, happiness is about making you feel emotion through food. Ristorante Corbezzoli interprets Mediterranean cuisine through the eyes of the Executive Chef, Giuseppe Tarantino. Our food is for any guests staying at the hotel or anyone who wants to enjoy a unique food experience in a warm, elegant setting, with soft lighting and pristine white tablecloths.

A culinary journey with a focus on sustainability

The common theme uniting hospitality at Relais Bellaria and Corbezzoli’s culinary project is sustainability. Chef Giuseppe Tarantino, the restaurant’s patron, has started a mini revolution in the kitchen: combining fine dining and a bistro in one single culinary offering open to everyone 6 days a week, for both lunch and dinner. The key words are seasonal ingredients and food waste management.

Chef Giuseppe Tarantino

From childhood memories to seasonal aromas, this is the signature style of Chef Giuseppe Tarantino which can be found in the dishes at Corbezzoli.

Born in Campania and having moved to Emilia Romagna, he offers Mediterranean cuisine drawing inspiration from traditional recipes in both regions, with a special focus on selecting the raw ingredients from small outstanding producers, while prioritising fresh, local and seasonal products.

Cuisine: between research and tradition

Corbezzoli promises to amaze your palate with bold, elegant flavours. Our culinary philosophy is based on respecting tradition, enhanced by aromas, techniques and suggestions. Pick your favourite dishes and embark on your own journey through flavour. Or let our menus be your guide throughout this experience. All the dishes can be served with select wines, chosen from Italian and international labels.